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We are located in Pinckney, MI

We bought our dream farm in Pinckney in 1998. We started with a house, 3 barns, 2 silos, many acres and only 1 horse.  After many years of hard work, early mornings, late nights and a few bumps in the road we are one of Livingston County's largest equine stables.  And our 1st horse Chester still loved going down the trail at OVER 40!


Unlike many stables, we do not "specialize" in any particular breed of equine.  Our "family" of equines are mostly rescued from neglect, abuse or serenaders from all over the country.  Sherri Richardson personally saved these equines from an uncertain future and gave them the care, love and attention they need and continue to do so.


When you visit the Pinckney Stables you immediately notice equine's heads turning to see "who's here".  Each of them have a unique personality.  From silly to outright goofy. And from gentle to playful.  We have them all!  No worries, Sherri keeps the grumpy ones for herself!


The trails in Pinckney lead to the Lakeland Trail, an equine lovers dream ride that's full of groomed and smooth ridings. If you are looking for trails to ride, this is a great place to Board your Horse.  If your ride gets too late, you can expect a bonfire going when you get back where Sherri and Jeff will listen to your stories and share some of their own.

Horse' N Around Stables Pasture

We offer some of the best Horseback Riding Area in Michigan.

Horse' N Around Stables offers boarding with trails close to the following communities:  Jackson, Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, South Lyon, Grass Lake, Brighton, Pinckney, Howell, Stockbridge, Lansing, Saline, Tecumseh, Adrian, Napoleon, Hamburg, Hanover, Arbor Springs, Brooklyn, Ypsilanti, Gregory, Fowlerville, Novi, Northville, Hell, Manchester, Plymouth, Canton, Belleville, Romulus, Detroit, and we have visitors come from Ohio and Canada. 

Our boarding in Pinckney is close to the Pinckney Recreation Trails and Waterloo Recreation Area trails.

Horses in Pinckney, MI
Pinckney Stables: 5833 Spears Rd, Pinckney MI, 48169


Located between Gregory, MI and Pinckney, MI on M-36, the Pinckney Stables is our flagship, our base of operations, our love and our home.  We've operated here for 20+ years.  We have had so many beautiful stories as well as foals and colts born here over the years.


This farm dates back over 200 years and was used as a dairy, and asparagus farm and now Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.


The Pinckney Stables are Open for Boarding & Leasing

Click on the Map for directions

Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.

5833 Spears Rd

Pinckney, MI 48169

Pinckney Stables are just off M36 between Pinckney and Gregory.  Turn North onto Pingree and left (West) @ Spears, we are a 1/2 mile on the left.  THE BIG WHITE SILOS!!!

(We do things in pairs)

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