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    As of May 3rd 2024, Horse, N Around Stables, Inc. will no longer be offering Public Horseback Trail Rides. We have spent the last 2 months redeeming everyones gift certificates. Pinckney has been Rocking!

    At this time we will be operating as a private group only with our past members, riders, boarders and leasers. - For those of you looking for a fun filled Horseback Trail Ride - we here at Horse’ N Around Stables, Inc. recommend Brighton or Maybury State Park Riding Stables. (They run fabulous programs.)

    This decision to go private was not an easy one. So many changes!! Some welcome - Some not. We have made a lot of new friends over the years and will cherish all the memories.

    Change is healthy, so we are going to move forward with our forever family and friends. We are looking forward to spending our horsey time at a much more relaxed laid back pace, loving and learning our horses and one another as a Boarding & Leasing Facility only.

    We are a great group of friends that love going out adventuring, exploring, camping & trailering-out. We are close, tight knit and helpful. We love learning from each other and spending great horsey time together.

    If you are looking for farm, fun & friends - come Board or Lease with us.

We'll have a program for you! Check below.


Now that we are no longer a riding stable,

we have Lots of Trail Ready Horses for Lease!


Thank you to every one of our past Trail Riders!


Horse' N Around Stables, Inc.

Super Summer Spectacular

Our Silver Saddles Program isn't about your years of age, it's about your years of equine experience.

The program has turned out to be a real Hit!

We have had 5 people sign up for the

Silver Saddles Lease in just the

first few weeks we offered it.


In May, June & July the Silver Saddles Leasers had a blast trailering out to Kensington Park, Sleepy Hollow Recreation, Brighton Recreation, Waterloo Recreation and over to the Pinckney Trails.

These rides have averaged 2 to 3 hours for each adventure.

We have room for just a few more Silver Saddles Leasers and then we will be full through November.

We have the rest of the Summer for more great rides and then end up with a fabulous Fall Finale. We are a fun group of experienced riders that enjoy time out on our horses sharing our adventures with one another.

If you have that yearning to get out and ride with other horse lovers - here is your chance!

These last few spots will go fast - don't miss out on the fun.

Click the logo below for more information


(or always wanted to)

Then this is the place to be!


If you’re a trail rider, you need to be trail riding & having a blast doing it - not just spending a lot of money on your hay burner (lol).

Isn’t Horseback Riding the reason you got a horse in the 1st place?

Lets Make It Worth It.


Don’t own your own horse?

Maybe your still looking? Still thinking about it? Have you been leasing ? borrowing ? procrastinating? Spending endless money by the hour paying to ride.


We have a horse for you!

 I have been in the Public Horseback Trail Riding business for 26 years. I operated the Waterloo Riding Stables for 13 years. My husband & I have retired & we didn’t renew our contract with the DNR - So, here we are with all of these GREAT HORSES WITH HOURS AND HOURS OF TRAIL RIDING EXPERIENCE!


We are located in Pinckney Michigan, right smack dab in the between of Pinckney & Gregory. We’re a boarding facility that has a unique trail riding club. That’s what we do, trail ride from Mackinac to Ohio. Our stables are within trail riding distance of Waterloo Recreation all the way to Brighton Recreation. With the Lakeland Trail just one mile from the farm, it allows us to ride west - all the way to Jackson & east - all the way to New Hudson. We are just 1 mile from the gorgeous Pinckney Recreation Trails.


At our stables you always have someone ,if not a group of folks, to ride with. The age group of “THE CREW” (that’s what we call our riding group) is from mid 20’s to mid 70’s, with majority of us between 40 & 60 years of age.

We have covered many disciplines over the years including English, Western, speed & action, Hunter-Jumper, The Fox Hunt, 4-H, equestrian team, the all Morgan Circuit and of course the all favorite & oh so popular, “Out in the back yard corn field & down the road group”.


Some of us have done the Michigan Trail Riders Shore to Shore ride for years. Some of us have covered many different states in trail rides & even different countries (Australia). Talk about a trail ride.


We travel with horse trailers all year to many different parks & destinations. We all pitch in to get everyone a ride, even those whom may not have a truck & trailer. We try to go horse camping once a month anywhere from one night to a full week. Again, we all pitch in & help out whom ever needs it. You name it - anything from sleeping accommodations, to a hay bag.



Horse’ N Around Stables also has a permanent camping spot at one of the top 3 Horse Camping places in the Nation. We’ve gone from 3 people - to a group of 20 people. We are big on horse camping. We are a one for all and all for one trail riding group.


No one here is an expert or trainer (not one single KNOW IT ALL!). But if you do need help, advice, or ask for a suggestion, you will have a mob of friends all with good intentions .


Some of the rides we do are breakfast, lunch or dinner rides, burger & beer rides and ice cream rides. The fun just doesn’t stop there, we also do barbecues, pot lucks, go to horse & tack auctions - we’ve done murder mysteries, escape rooms, gone to great clinics as a group, and we even attended my sons wedding! I have to say the attire was a change from the regular norm (lol). Just last month a group of us went to a Rodeo (WHAT A HOOT!). One of our farriers is a bull rider so we went to watch him compete. MAN OH MAN WHAT FUN !


Our crew has a place for you! The more the merrier. We have singles, widows, divorced, married couples, mother daughter, mother son, significant others, etc. Not all ride but are always welcome to join in on our other activities.    WE ARE F U N!


So if it's trail riding you love, you should consider leasing one of our experienced horses, or boarding your own horse with us.

Please surf my website. Check out the videos, commercials, TicToks, reviews, pics and all the Boarding information & testimonials. Pay special attention to the pictures of our crew and our many get-togethers.


You too can be a member of our crew - We’d love to here from you!

Here are some of our chores people, boarders, volunteers and Wranglers.
We call them our:

Horse' N Around Village
Horse' N Around Stables Wranglers

Going out on a fun trail ride together

Some of the Crew at a Haunted Forest

At a Horse' N Around Stables get together enjoying the band.

Some Horse' N Around Stables folks trailering out for a ride.

Horse' N Around Stables in the Pinkney Saint Patrick Parade.

Some of our boarders, wranglers & horse leasers out on a ride.

Some boarders, wranglers & horse leasers out on Cinco de Mayo.

Some boarders, wranglers & horse leasers out camping in Brighton

The Horse' N Around Stables, Inc. Waterloo location is now closed. We want to say

to each & everyone for your patronage.

We have everything moved to our Pinckney Facility
and are NOW OPEN 

We look forward to seeing you in Pinckney.
In addition to our move, we are busy doing a

Pinckney Farm Makeover!

(If you are looking for a Horseback Trail Ride - please check out the Maybury or the Brighton Riding Stables.)

Look through our site - If you can't find an answer to your question - send it to us on the form below:

Success! Message received.

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Equine Award Winner

Phone: (734)-637-4457

(text for quickest response)






Pinckney Stables: 5833 Spears Rd. Pinckney MI, 48169

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